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QA procedures and software testing

A software is tested before deployment to identify and rectify defects. It also verifies that all requirements are implemented correctly. This makes the software more predictable in behavior by improving quality and reliability. From a broader perspective, testing helps in marketability of the software and retention of customers.

Importance of Software Testing

Software bugs or errors cost around $60 billion to the US economy every year. The Indian IT-related services market is expected to touch the $20 billion mark by next year. Software testing will form a major share of the earnings.

Opportunities are endless. The market is expanding every day. IT giants get a considerable portion of their revenues from Testing projects. Software Testing is a highly sought after department. Another thing to remember is that a software is never tested by the company that develops the same. So, testing has to performed by an independent company.

Testing is treated as a highly specialized service and is a standalone department. At Xponse, we too have a separate, highly efficient Testing unit that, with full dedication and expertise, steers every project to success.

What Xponse does to help clients with Testing projects:

  • Describe the standards and guidelines
  • Write Master Test Plan
  • Chalks out QA Strategy and Approach
  • Write Test Cases
  • Analyze and recommend Hardware and software requirements
  • Define Interfaces, Reviews
  • Define how and when to do Unit testing
  • Conduct Integration Testing, System testing, Acceptance Testing etc.
  • Evaluate testing tools
  • Evaluate test results
  • Quantitatively Manage the defects

An overview of the entire Testing process is outlined below.

» What are the techniques involved?
» Defect Management
» Testing Process
» Testing Life cycle
» Defect Management – Defect Tracking and Reporting - Bug Tracker
» Bug Tracker
» Bug Tracker Life cycle
» Automation Life cycle
» Phases and Methods used in Automation

Search Engine Optimization

This involves optimization of the site to make it search engine friendly. It also involves implementation of heuristics and tricks that could help the site get a better rank in search engine results for targeted keywords.

The strategy to optimize a website requires implementation of tricks, and tailoring of content and HTML attributes in such a manner that the website achieves desirable ranks among search engines, without violating or minimizing the violation of the guidelines and rules prescribed by various search engines.

There are several guidelines and rules which are needed to be followed while optimizing a web site. These rules and guidelines are circumscribed under the heading “Steps to Optimize”.

We are doing Search Engine Optimization with dedicatedly and thoroughly so that we will give the best result to the customers.

We are doing the Search Engine Optimization for small business and corporate too. We are very much result oriented company and we proved ourselves so many times.

Internet Marketing

In today’s world, primarily because of a highly competitive business environment, Marketing has become a very significant aspect for every Internet based business. Over the years, Xponse has established itself as an experienced service provider for Internet Marketing related services, and our specialized team possesses both the knowledge and experience, which will dramatically improve your company’s marketing experience. Our services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Search Engine Results Tracking
  • Marketing planning services
  • Goal based traffic analysis

In nutshell, Xponse helps companies achieve their online business goals by analyzing the business model, identifying the market, deploying necessary tools and processes, increasing traffic and thus improving sales.

Website Maintenance

The principal requirement during maintenance is to ensure that the existing quality of website is preserved to make the system operate and function properly along with any new enhancements that are needed because of the change in business requirements. At Xponse, our specialized team uses preventive maintenance in which the overall quality of website is improved in order to ensure long-term maintainability. The possible activities in this process includes:

  • Removal of unreachable and infeasible code
  • Simplification of procedure interfaces and restructuring
  • The addition of more comments
  • Fault removal and improved test data generation

We also follow the policy of making extensive market research, upgrade impact analysis, asset management, and quality control during software maintenance to help control various risks involved. 

As an added effort, our project team looks into the current state of the software, its complexity, structure, comments, dataflow and other valuable information, which are critical and need more attention, to enhance functionality, and to bring in stability, consistency and improvement into the overall performance of the application. Our services include:

  • State of the art on-line help system
  • Software support via email, phone and fax
  • Frequent updates and enhancements
  • Web based updates easily downloadable


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